Treating Candida With Acupuncture

If you have ever been to a doctor for Candida, you will know that it is a serious issue. Most treatment methods deal with changing your diet, eating the right foods, and avoiding the bad foods so that your body can properly fight and fix Candida. Fixing your internal system and eating right is definitely essential.

Very bad cases of Candida overgrowth does not usually happen unless your immune system is weakened. Candida overgrowth also causes a weak immune system. It is an endless viscous cycle where a weak immune system allows Candida to thrive and grow, but Candida overgrowth causes a weak immune system. You must fight against this cycle, otherwise you will be trapped forever.

One of the few methods of treating Candida, that is not considered internal and does not directly deal with your diet would be through the use of Acupuncture. According to, Candidiasis is primarily from damage to the spleen or stomach, which allows an environment in your body of damp heat. The damaged inner body provides a perfect environment for Candida to thrive and fluorish. This will also cause further damage to your liver from emotional stress, causing Qi stagnation and Blood stasis. Using Acupuncture can help your body to modify the eternal environment so that the Qi flow will be properly regulated and homeostasis restored.

Acupuncture by itself will certainly help, but it’s best if you combine it with herbs, and a diet change for complete treatment. Using herbs, you can strengthen the spleen, regulate Qi flow, and eliminate damp heat. The diet will also stop the Candida from thriving in your body.

It is important to realize the benefits that Acupuncture has on Candida. It can make it so that your results will be come faster, and you will feel like a completely new person. It is also imperative that you realize that Acupuncture alone is not the complete key to treatment. The effect on your internal body through someone else performing and external action can only be so much. For the absolute best results on fighting Candida, it has to be done by you, through the help of professionals.