Treating Candida Acne

Sometimes you’ll have acne that appears after a certain event, say taking birth control or antibiotics. You’ll notice that it has gotten pretty bad, and no matter what you do it just won’t go away on its own. You may be tempted to use accutane, or maybe some antibiotics for your face, as keeping it clean is just not working. The acne is not what you think it is, and according to livestrong there is a good chance it is caused by Candida

The most important thing for getting rid of your Acne as well as Candida is doing a complete diet change. You will need to cut out refined foods, especially refined sugars, starches, grains, basically anything the Candida can feed off of to survive. The next step is to use foods that are made to get rid of Candida itself. Eat foods like garlic, cook with coconut oil, etc. Then you can also consider using probiotics as well. Browse this site for more information on diet.

You may notice that you are feeling very sick with the diet change, and that is because the Candida is dying off. Stick with it if you can, and really monitor your face. If your acne is getting better, there is a good chance it was caused from Candida, and from there the only thing you have to know is that you must work hard on treatment.