Success Stories Of People That Treated Candida

Everybody loves hearing success stories about being treated for Candida. To have to go through Candida is not really something that anybody wants to ever experience, and shouldn’t so when they finally have a success story it is a great thing. I can share my personal story. The curezone forums have several Candida success stories if you want to see others.

I was always relatively healthy, went to the gym 2x a week, ate pretty healthy, etc. It was only until I had Bronchitis and was prescribed antibiotics that I really had my first experience with candida. I ended up not feeling right after that for a very long time.

I had ringworm at first, and I bought an over the counter cream for that, it cleared up with no issues. The next thing I had was jock itch. It was chronic, I had it, and then it went away after using antifungals, but then it just came back again and again. I knew something was wrong, and believe me it was driving me nuts (no pun intended). Doctors did not help, and all they did is prescribe stronger anti fungals, it was just embarrassing.

I went online and googled and googled and finally figured out it was Candida. I had to put together information from hundreds of websites to figure out what I had to do to treat myself. It took a long time, money, and frustration, but I finally treated myself and am healthier than ever. I feel such a burden off of my chest, and just feel great and thankful about life. I really hope you don’t have to do the same, and that is what the purpose of this blog is.