Side Effects That Can Occur When Treating Your Candida

Depending on the methods you use to treat yourself for Candida you may experience side effects. If you use pharmaceuticals you may experience different side effects than if you use natural remedies, and if you use natural remedies, depending on your method you will also have different side effects. There are good and bad side effects.

Some positive side effects that you may experience are weight loss, and better overall health. You will experience weight loss because you are eating cleaner, healthier, cutting out grains, lots of carbs and many other foods that are really unnecessary in the average person’s diet. You won’t be eating out, but instead you will have to home cook your meals, and eat a lot of raw meals as well. Imagine instead of a burger, you eat a nice salad with some grilled chicken on the side. Everything is organic.

One possible side effect that is negative and is real is the Herxheimer effect. That is what you get when the Yeast infection literally dies off. The yeast releases a gas that is harmful to your body, and that is it’s way of trying to get you to continue eating junk. The Herxheimer effect does not always mean you are getting better, and the side effects can be reduced as long as you are careful about how you go about your Candida Treatment.

Overall, I would say that side effects are good, and are all worth it, including the Herxheimer effect because in the long run you will be much healthier, and happier.