Pau d’ arco Candida Treatment

Pau d’arco or Tabebuia avellanedae comes from South America and people have used it to treat a variety of conditions since 1873. According to the University of Maryland Medical center, there are two active chemicals in pau’d arco. Lapachol and beta-lapachone have been found to kill fungus, bacteria, parasites and even viruses in lab tests while also providing anti-inflammatory properties, but not enough testing has been done on humans to know the effectiveness

Too much Pau d’arco can be dangerous for your body, and it’s not recommended for infants or children.

Now that we are done with the warnings, Pau d’arco can be found at almost every health food store, and can be used as a tablet, as a tea, or in a tincture containing alcohol. If you buy it, follow the instructions so that you know how much to take. There is no sure way to know as every company who makes Pau d’arco is going to be different.

Besides using Pau d’arco you should try several other antifungals which I have listed on my site as well as changing your diet. One antifungal is usually not enough, and a diet change will do more for your body than any antifungal can.