Paronychia Candida Treatment

Paronychia is a nail disease and can be caused by bacteria or fungal. Candida can be a source of a Paronychia infection, which can be very difficult to get rid of.

Most people who acquire Candida Paronychia deal with water for prolonged periods of time, such as a dish washer or cleaning pools. Any occupation that leaves your hands or feet moist for large portions of the day can increase their risk if their bodies are not healthy enough.

The reason Paronychia is difficult to get rid of is because of the area it affects, your nails and cuticles. According to the General Practice Notebook, Candida Paronychia treatment takes anywhere between 3-6 months, until a new cuticle is formed

If you want a better chance of fighting against your Candida other than using topical antifungals, a good way to do it would be to change your diet. If you have a strong enough immune system, and do not eat foods which Candida can strive off, not only do you have a greater chance of potentially fighting any Candida infection, but your immune system will be stronger and you will be less likely to be sick.