Paleo Diet Candida Treatment

The Paleo diet is recognized as a low carb diet that aims to promote weight loss and maintenance. Its main premise is that the nutrition program will prevent and control many of the diseases that have been brought on by our rapidly evolving civilization. The idea of the Paleo diet stems from our ancestors and their diet during the Paleolithic era. 10,000 years ago, cavemen did not have access to highly processed and carb loaded foods, making them stronger, fitter and overall better than we are today. Based on this, it is believed that individual eating patterns should steer away from the copious amounts of “junk food” we have available today and instead should be geared toward a pattern that follows a hunter/gatherer: animal protein and plants

By following the Paleo diet, it is believed that you will lead a healthier, fitter and disease-free life.

How does it Work?

The Paleo diet is based on a rather simply premise – If the cavemen ate it, you can too. With that in mind, it effectively removes refined sugar, dairy, legumes and grains from you diet essentially ridding of all processed and refined foods. In its place, foods such as meat, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables are free game for practitioners and it optimal to consume three meals a day that comprise of meat and a side of fruits and vegetables. The idea is that by eating foods in their natural and most simple form your body is able to efficiently process the nutrition it needs from the things you eat thereby expending less energy on digestion and leaving you more for other day-to-day tasks. Alongside this, it is believed that the Paleo diet will also improve your overall mental, physically and cellular health because you are providing your body with optimal nutrition and consuming “clean foods”. Foods created during modern times such as grains, dairy and processed foods are not easy for our bodies to digest and poor or improper digestion has been a cause for many diseases today.

The Benefits for Patients with Candidiasis

Patients with Candidiasis can rest assured knowing that the Paleo diet potentially provides the most optimal eating patterns to stave away Candida. The simple nutrition plan immediately removes starchy foods like potatoes and yams, and also excludes grain based foods from your diet. These two food categories have been linked to the overgrowth of Candida and most doctors will recommend the immediate removal of them from your diet. Aside from helping you avoid Candida promoting foods, the Paleo diet also promotes your body to work more efficiently and effectively thereby allowing you to heal and maintain yourself on a routine basis. The intended meal plan offers your body a chance to focus on fixing and repairing itself rather than trying to take apart food that it is not intended to intake and then leaving it in your body as waste or excess material. By having less waste, your body does not offer any source of nutrition or fuel for Candida growth and in no time your new diet can change the way you look and feel from the inside out.