Over The Counter Options For Candida

When people speak of Over the Counter Candida treatments, they think of one of two things. Natural remedies which you can buy at the store such as Tea Tree Oil, Oil of Oregano, Black Walnut, or Over the Counter pharmaceuticals that are weaker than prescriptions. There are several different type of Azoles that are over the counter, when I use the name lamisil it is just an example as it is one that is popular and known to many people http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azole. There are benefits to both of them, and really they both work.

If you have visible Candida, odds are you also have it inside of your body. The over the counter pharmaceuticals will not help your gut as you cannot swallow Lamisil, as that would most likely kill you. There are prescription pharmaceuticals that do actually work very well in treating Candida infections, but Natural remedies can work very well.

Most natural remedies begin with fixing your body and immune system, so they will almost always begin with proper diet and exercise. It is not just about losing weight by eating less, but instead eating the right foods that really help to kill the infection while making your body stronger. Then you can also work on taking natural antifungals which are very strong. Please look through this site for more potential options on antifungals.