Neem Candida Treatment

Neem has several different names, and comes from a tree. Almost every part can be used to make a medicine, but Neem is generally used as an oil. Neem oil can be used to treat Candida, and is known to be an antifungal, antiparasitic, and antiviral. Accoring to WebMD it’s being used for so many purposes that extend beyond Candida It purifies your blood and detoxifies your body. Even if your problem is not fungus, Neem can potentially take care of it.

You can use neem oil on your skin or you can even ingest it. For ringworm or athlete’s foot, you can apply it directly. If you are going to ingest Neem oil, follow the directions on the bottle. You can just put 3 drops of neem oil in your mouth on your gums, and swish it around and then swallow the neem oil after a couple minutes.

Neem oil is a very effective antifungal for many people, and it can be very effective. The most important thing to remember with Neem oil is that by itself it is not all that you need. Using other oils will be better than using only Neem oil.