My Recommended Candida Recipes

People often ask me for Candida Treatment Recipes, and it’s not really fair or accurate for me to say there is a certain recipe to help deal with Candida. You cannot just mix a few greens here, some proteins, stevia and say Candida instantly gone. No, treating Candida is sadly not that easy and it does require real work and effort. To get rid of Candidiasis you need to follow real healthy living.

If you have Candida, you are probably not on the ideal diet for your body, and you will really need to watch what foods you eat. That is the most important step. You have to cut out grains, starches, sugars. If you look, those are most likely a huge part of your diet, but it’s really not an ideal diet because we aren’t really made to digest it, and it is also what feeds the Candida that grows in your body.

Instead you are going to need to make sure you eat a lot of organic fruits and vegetables, as well as eating sugar alternatives like Stevia. Make sure your meat is all grass fed and organic as it will have much more of the vitamins and minerals that your body does need. Every day you should be eating a lot of fresh green’s.
Even though there is no treatment for Candida, staying healthy is absolutely essential if you want to get rid of it.