My Recommendation For Candida Treatment With Eczema

Eczema is a condition of atopic dermatitis, it affects the outer layer of your skin. You can get symptoms similar to athlete’s foot on various parts of your body, it will cause redness, dryness, cracking, itchiness, swelling, crusting, flaking. The only real treatments the medical community has is topical steroids and immuno suppressant’s to fix your skin issues, as well as using anti-itch creams so you aren’t itching 24/7.

According to WebMD the exact cause of Eczema is unknown, but it may be linked to an overactive immune system That is why people with Allergies and Asthma are at greater risk of Eczema.

I can’t be sure of the exact cause, but I have noticed that many people who treat their bodies for Candida are able to significantly reduce or even eliminate their Candida treatments. The reason is because you are strengthening your immune system, you are not just trying to solve it with drugs. Your immune system tends to act better, and will not just attack your own body randomly.

I have personally suffered with Eczema starting at about 12 years old. I remember initially thinking that it was poison Ivy, and I went to a few doctors, they didn’t even know what it was. It was only after I saw a dermatologist that he said it was atopic dermatitis or Eczema, and he prescribed steroids to help get rid of it. I had to take it until my late 20’s, before I ended up treating myself for Candida.

When I treated myself for Candida, I started showing vast improvements, in my skin, in my body, my mind, and just better overall. If you look at what you eat and see your skin conditions, you probably notice your skin is much better off during the times that you are eating clean and healthy. That is probably why people who treat themselves for Candida notice their Eczema symptoms clear up. You can see some Candida treatment recipes on this blog.