MSM Treatment Candida

There is not much information on MSM for the treatment of Candida. According to MSM is typically used for joint pains, and combined with Glucosamine, but some people use it for Gastro Intestinal upset (a place in your body where Candida loves to grow), musculoskeletal pain, as well as allergies MSM boosts the immune system, and helps fight antimicrobial infections.

MSM is not a proven candida fighter, but some people have noticed results when using it to help combat Candida. There are certain reasons, such as it boosts the immune system and helps your Gastro Intestinal tract. MSM is considered a very strong method of detox.

There are a couple words of caution that I must warn you before you use MSM. The first thing is that MSM is NOT a proven candida fighter, there are not many people with experience using it. It is something that you have to choose to use purely at your own risk, and I do believe there are better solutions out there for fighting against Candida.

The second thing that I must warn you of is MSM has been used by people as a method of detox. It is very strong, and if you are having any sort of die off effects, if the MSM works to kill the candida, you can expect very strong die off effects, which you should be cautious of.

Overall, I think that there are better choices to use if you are going for a natural candida fighter. There are antifungals that have more research behind them, as well as diet changes which are proven to work. If those don’t work, then I would consider MSM.