Manuka Honey Candida Treatment

Manuka Honey is a honey from New Zealand that is from 1 specific plant, primarily the Tea Tree bush. It contains many antibacterial properties, and many people believe that it will help you cure Candida, because it’s made from tea tree there is even more reason to believe it. However, there are also many negatives to using Manuka honey.

Honey raises your blood sugar levels, and Candida feeds off of that. Even though the honey may have antibacterial properties, it can still harm you. Manuka Honey is quite expensive as well, I have seen it going for even over $60 a pound.

So instead of using any honey that raises your blood sugar, if you need a sweetener use Stevia or Xylitol. Next thing you should do is consider using other antifungals besides honey, even tea tree oil which is what Manuka Honey is made from.

Even though honey is a great sweetener, and an amazing alternative to sugar, there are still many other sweeteners that you can use. There are also different antifungals that you can try. Manuka Honey is not recommended as an antifungal, or as a sweetener if you suffer from Candida overgrowth.