Lyme Disease Candida Treatment

If you get bit by a Deer Tick, or if you already have Lyme Disease, you will usually get treated with antibiotics (which I believe is necessary for the treatment of Lyme Disease)

That being said, one of the biggest causes of Candida is taking antibiotics. Antibiotics may be necessary for our health, but doctors often prescribe them way too easily, and too much for every little case. Imagine going to the doctor for a cold, and he just sends you home empty handed, people would be pretty furious, so they are forced to. Natural Doctors may send you herbs, or give you certain foods to take to strengthen your immune system (which I believe is the true path to healing).

In my opinion the best treatment if you have Lyme Disease is to ensure you get a good healthy dosage of probiotics while you are taking antibiotics. Get some probiotics from your local health food store, drink kefir and eat yogurt every day. Doing that would help a lot.

The next thing you want to make sure you do is to change your diet to one that is anti-candida, you can look through my website for some good dieting tips. If you take probiotics and change your diet, you ideally won’t have to worry about getting Candida, but if you already do have Candida I recommend you take antifungals for it as well. Take at least 3 different antifungals, and rotate one in and one out every few days.
If you do this, you should see a vast improvement in your Candida symptoms in a short time frame.