Laryngeal Candida Treatment

Laryngeal Candida can be deadly if left untreated. It can obstruct your airways, and the best way to solve Laryngeal Candidiasis is with good prevention. Keeping a healthy diet, making sure you eat the right foods, and doing everything you can do to avoid getting Candida.

Of course that is not always practical, and is not always possible. According to Oxford Journals most patients with Laryngeal Candidiasis were treated with amphotericin B which is a pharmaceutical. If you have a milder case, fluconazole is usually the recommended treatment

Now if you know you have Laryngeal Candidiasis, your doctor will most likely prescribe the prescription drug to get rid of it. The only thing that I can recommend on top of that is a change in diet. You want to eat healthy foods, that will starve your candida, work to fight it, as well as strengthen your immune system. You want to take natural antifungals as well as the recommended commercial ones. You can also supplement with high quality probiotics.
If you do all those things, you should see an improvement in your Candida. Your doctor will probably be closely monitoring you because you have Laryngeal Candida, but even after your Candida is gone, try to keep up a healthy diet for as long as you can.