How To Use Tea Tree Oil To Kill Candida

I find Tea Tree Oil to be one of the best natural antifungals I’ve ever seen. Besides being an antifungal, it is an antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic, can be used for acne and other skin blemishes as well

Even though I find tea tree oil to work absolutely great for Candida, and several other skin problems, I would also be careful. It can burn your skin if used improperly, and I have seen people overdo it and burn their skin. From what I hear it is best to get Tea tree oil in a darker bottle as the clear bottles aren’t good to have exposed to sunlight.

There are some people who take tea tree oil orally, but it is generally not recommended to do that. If you do wish to use tea tree oil for say oral Thrush, something that some people do is mix 3-5 drops in two tablespoons of water, and gargle for 30 seconds, and then spit. You do not rinse, but instead do this after you brush your teeth.

Instead I prefer to use tea tree oil on the exposed layers of my skin, but be careful avoiding your genitalia as tea tree oil can burn if you have vaginal yeast infection or jock itch. It is recommended that you mix the tea tree oil with either Coconut Oil or water if you are going to use it for yeast infection or jock itch, as pure tea tree oil will burn you there.

If it’s on my arm and I just have a ringworm infection, I have applied tea tree oil directly. It really helps clear it up, and will usually get rid of it in about a week. Tea Tree Oil is a great natural antifungal, but it is really recommended to combine several natural antifungals together for best effects.