How To Treat Underarm Candida

Candida or yeast infection will frequently come on areas that are warm and moist, and your underarm is a perfect place for Candida to grow. Deodorant and anti-perspirant are applied because you sweat on your under arms, so it’s really the perfect place that Candida will grow. Other common places for Candida to grow is in your mouth, around your genitals and buttocks, your feet (athlete’s foot), and of course it can always be systemic.

According to ehow having a weakened immune system tends to be a reason that people get Candida on their under arms Even if your areas are moist or wet, if your immune system is strong enough it can prevent getting Candida there. So the initial suggestion is to make sure you follow a good diet found elsewhere on this page. Besides following a good diet, I would suggest applying some natural antifungals, such as apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil to your infected location.

Once you apply the natural antifungals, you will have to make sure you let it dry appropriately and wear loose fitting clothing. Do not wear clothes that restrict you and will make you sweat, but instead let it be very loose fitting. I would also avoid using deodorant and antiperspirant while I have a Candida infection on my armpits as I do not believe they are good for you. If you want, you can apply baby powder (talc, NOT corn starch), to your armpits to keep them dry, as moisture will allow the Candida to grow.

The treatment is really simple and easy, but difficult to execute. It takes a lot of patience to deal with always making sure your armpits are dry, and taking care of your areas.