How To Treat Candida Without Diet?

One of the most difficult parts of doing a Candida Treatment is not the Herxheimer effect or the die off, but the diet. Many people do not want to do any sort of special diet when they are going on a Candida treatment, and it really is understandable. Treating Candida without any dietary changes can only be described as extremely difficult.

One way to treat Candida without any dieting is to take pharmaceutical drugs. If your doctor has prescribed you with Candida, they will give you strong antifungals which can take care of your yeast overgrowth. I am not sure the type of side effects that it will have, but it will most likely work to get rid of your candida, and odds are the side effects will be lower

You can also get rid of yeast infection, ringworm, athletes foot, without using any sort of diet changes. For many people if they get rid of ringworm once it will be gone for good and you will not have any worries. If that is your situation you may not need any dietary changes.

Most people however will want to get rid of Candida permanently and take control of their health and body. If that is your case, you MUST do a diet change, trying to cure Candida without changing your diet is like learning to swim without ever going in water or driving a car without ever stepping behind the wheel, it just won’t happen.