How To Treat Candida With Oregano Oil

Oil of Oregano is made from the leaves and flowers of wild oregano plants. The Oil of Oregano is able to naturally fight parasites, yeast, bacteria and viruses. It is a wonderful natural antibiotic that is finding more and more uses in everyday life. When you buy Oil of Oregano, you will usually get a very small vial, that is not made of pure Oil of Oregano. If you do get pure Oil of Oregano, you MUST dilute it as it can burn your skin very easily. It is great, but very strong and powerful.

A couple good ways to use Oil of Oregano is if you have Oral Candida, put a couple drops in your mouth and swish it around for a while. If you find that a couple drops is not enough, you can mix it with Coconut Oil and swish that a couple times a week, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil as well the remaining times of the week. You should not swish too much Oil of Oregano in your mouth as you will burn yourself.

Swishing it if you have Oral Candida or Thrush for 20 minutes at a time is generally a good bet, and then you can spit out the Oil. Another way to use Oil of Oregano is to put it directly on your Candida Overgrowth (as long as it’s not a vaginal yeast infection), but be careful, if it starts to burn just wash it off. You are not trying to hurt yourself, and you can try mixing it with other oils to dilute it as well.

Oil of Oregano is very versatile and if used properly can have significant benefits to your body. You must combine it with other Candida treatments for best results.