How To Treat Candida Urethritis

If you believe you have Candida Urethritis there are treatments that you can do but first it is ideal to make sure that it is not really just from Candida, but there are many causes that it can be. Eliminate other causes of Urethritis right away, otherwise you may be allowing another more serious condition to be prolonged potentially causing further damage to your body. Other causes of Urethritis can be found here

If you do have Candida Urethritis, it will most likely be identified by a doctor, and they will give you high dosage antifungals. I would consider taking the antifungals as Candida Urethritis is very difficult to live with, and I would also change my diet to be much healthier, cutting out the bad foods which promote Candida overgrowth. This way I’ll get double treatment, verse just eating whatever I want.

One thing that I know is important for regular UTI’s is to drink a LOT of fluids. You need to constantly urinate to clean out your urethra. One juice that I recommend is cranberry juice. It’s very healthy and fights against Candida, but is also effective for UTI’s. It is like two in one.

It is important that if you have a UTI you get it diagnosed as soon as possible. The sooner you diagnose it, the sooner you can take care of any issues you may have.