How Long Candida Treatment

One big question that many people have with Candida is how long does it take to get rid of Candida. How long does it take to treat? Candida is very difficult to live with, and when you realize that you have it, there is a cure for your ailments, the first thing you want to know is “how long”
The problem is there is no definite time frame for treating Candida. If you do everything right, you may notice positive results in as little as a few weeks, but for other people it may take longer. I’ve heard of people being permanently cured within a few short weeks, and some others have taken over 6 months before they were fully cured. Candida affects everybody differently, and without knowing how bad your overgrowth is, it’s difficult to tell.
According to the NIH if you have a weak immune system, it is more difficult to treat Candida, and to be honest most people with bad Candida infections DO have a weakened immune system. The only thing that you have to do is stay strong, and continue your treatment so that you can be cured of Candida.