Goldenseal Candida Treatment

Goldenseal has been used since the 1800s as a cure all. Goldenseal can be used for wound healing, an antibiotic, and an antifungal as well.
The active ingredient in goldenseal is berberine, and it’s been shown according to to prevent the growth of bacteria.

You can get goldenseal as a powder in capsule form or a liquid. I personally prefer the pills as it is very bitter, and much simpler to take it in pill format.

If you’re looking to know the correct dosage, it’s better to take less than take more. Start by taking half the manufacturer’s recommended amount, and then increase it to a full dosage. When you get the pills, get the weakest kind you can so you can control the dosage better.

Remember that you have to take several antifungals or else it can adapt, please look through my site for other potential solutions.