Glandular Extract Treatment For Candida

The idea behind Glandular Extract treatment for Candida was first mentioned by Richard Weinstein in his The Stress Effect book. Although, the book is about stress, you have to know that STRESS & CANDIDA are very related. Stress is one of the major signs and symptoms of Candida. Further, Glandular extracts can help various other symptoms of candida such as, foggy brain, adrenal fatigue (another sign of yeast).

A recent study done shows various other benefits of Glandular Extract. Now that you know a little about Glandular Extract, lets get into how it can help with Candida and where to go about getting it.

But before I get into how the extract can help you, remember that you may experience Candida Die-off.

If you are suffering from Candida, you know how painful it is, specially for women that can suffer from symptoms like vaginal pain, odor and discharge. Glandular extract helps stimulates and nourishes your exhausted adrenals. It also reduces inflammation (skin candida). If you are suffering from any skin infection which may be related to glandular then it can help to increase the tone of your skin.

As I have mentioned it numerous times, Candida can drain all your energy and endurance and it is one of those symptoms that just doesn’t go away. Dr. Wilson spent almost a decade doing research on topic of Adrenal Fatigue and you can see his research on Candida and Adrenal Fatigue connection. So coming back to the extract it can help you with energy and endurance.

Where can you get it? You can check it on Amazon or iherbs. Most health stores have a variation of the extract.