Gastrointestinal Candida Treatment

If you suffer from a gastrointestinal candida issue, there are a limited number of treatments that you can do. In terms of pharmaceutical drugs, webMD suggests Nystatin Oral, and that is all.

If you are however looking for all natural solutions, the best solution would be to change your diet to one that does not allow Candida to grow. It does not matter what part of your body it is, if the Candida cannot grow it cannot continue to effect you.

Besides eating the right foods, you must make sure that you take oral antifungals. If you take oral antifungals it will kill the Candida from the inside. Do not take one oral antifungal, but take several at the same time as some work better against different fungus than others do.
If you do just those two, you should notice your Candida will be getting a lot better. At some point you can add probiotics to your candida treatment therapy, so that you can recover faster as Candida destroys a lot of the beneficial bacteria in your gut.