Canine Candida Treatment

Just like people can get yeast infections, so can animals. If you’re looking at this, it is probably not the first time that you’ve dealt with it. Last time, you received a special shampoo that was ridiculously overpriced and you had to wash your dog in it several times, it might have worked, it might not. Or they just keep giving you new prescription drug after prescription drug, cortisones to use, and anti histamines to prevent itch, or antibiotics instead of antifungals.

Either way when you probably did a lot when you found out your dog has a yeast infection. It’s quite funny, if it was for yourself all you would have done is went to your local pharmacy and applied some antifungal, but we really do care about our canines. We care about them so much, but why do we laden them with drugs?

If you want to get rid of Canine yeast infection, the first thing that they need is a diet change. Why many people believe that these incomplete diets that are not made for dogs are good for them is beyond me. There are so many dog foods on the market, that really aren’t any good for them, and just cause them harm. Instead the first thing that I suggest you do is treat it like you would if you had a yeast infection.

Start with a diet change. The diets between a canine and a human will differ, as what is ideal for us is not ideal for them, dogs need a diet with more meat and bones than humans do. If you do a good raw diet, you should notice effects almost immediately. If you want to see more about curing Canine Candida, please see Au Naturel K9’s