Candida Treatment with Coconut Oil

Main stream medicines offers many kinds of remedies for various infections, however modern medicine does not always recognize Candida infection of overgrowth. Worst of all, sometimes the medicines prescribed by your doctor fail in curing your infection or worse: leave you with side effects that are incomparable prior to treatment. Although it is strongly advised to seek medical advice before self-treatment it is not always necessary to follow the recommendations of your doctor. If you are seeking a more natural and homeopathic approach to avoid ill symptoms or side effects then the answer to your candida cure may very well lie in your pantry.

Coconut oil is the newest kid in the oil market and after a bad analysis it has come back as one of the healthiest oils for your diet. Experts like Doctor Oz have come to recognize its various medicinal properties According to research, coconut oil is somewhat of miracle oil that wields the necessary attributes to help lower cholesterol, is a natural antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal, promotes healthy blood sugar levels, promotes a healthy heart, increases your metabolism and boosts your immune system.

Because of its various properties, Coconut Oil is the perfect and most simple remedy to treat a candida infection. The key source in coconut oil is lauric acid, lauric acid can be found in breast milk and is an power nutrient that strengtens our immune systems (especially as an infant). Recent studies have shown that lauric acid is one of the most effective ways of combating C. Albicans. This particular fungus is recognized for creating candidiasis and yeast infections. Continued exposure of lauric acid has exhibited successful results in reducing the growth of fungal infections caused by C. Albicans.

In order to use Coconut Oil to treat Candida it is recommended that patients consider a Coconut Oil Detox. The Coconut Oil Detox can be found at the Cure Manual It is a successful method that helps eliminate Candida through very easy and natural means. While on the Coconut Oil Detox, Candidiasis patients are required to consume 10 to 12 tablespoons of coconut oil a day (about 2 tablespoons per hour) and will need to keep a clean diet and drink primarily water to avoid introducing toxins into the body. Relaxing and placing yourself in a stress free environment is important during this detox period as your body absorbs the coconut oils and allows it to do its work. Patients can expect to excessively use the bathroom while on the coconut oil detox and should not be surprised with odd and foreign objects expel from their bodies. Your excrement will appear cloudy and sometimes white; this is a good sign as your body is expelling both the used coconut oil and the candida fungi. Finally, many patients will experience their Candidiasis symptoms becoming worse over this detox period, this is very normal as the Candida fungus dies and releases toxic waste in the face of destruction. This should only last for one (or two) day and after this period you should begin to feel better. As the saying goes: things get a lot worse before they get better.

The Coconut Oil Detox treatment is recommended to last for seven days, but because it can be overwhelming to new users, it is advised to start your detox for 2 to 3 days and gradually build your way up to seven days or until your candida infection has clearly subsided.