Candida Treatment with Chinese Medicine

The mystique that is Eastern medicine has always been known to heal the body, mind and soul. But did you know that eastern medicinal practices could help in treating your Candida? Acupuncture, herbal therapy, diet and lifestyle changes are various methods that can correct your energy imbalances and enhance the body’s defenses. According to Chinese medicine, the candida infection is caused by an imbalance or “dampness”. The imbalances that Candida causes are: deficiency in the spleen (the organ responsible for digestion), stagnation and excessive production of mucus from poor metabolization of food and water and a problem in the function of the bladder.

Acupuncture is one of the more popular Chinese remedies for Candida. Acupuncture or Acupressure is highly recommended to Candidiasis patients because it targets specific points along the body network (or meridians) and restores chi circulation freely throughout the body. When the chi circulates properly throughout the body, the organs are able to return to normal function the “dampness” in the body is alleviated. Acupuncture also helps strength the immune system, thereby preventing future cases of candida.

Another recommended mode of treatment is Chinese herbs. Specific Chinese herbs work effectively against candida by drying up dampness, eliminating toxins and strengthening the immune system. Some recommended herbs for Candida treatment are atractylods, licorice, poria and speen-strengthening root ginseng. More serious cases of Candidiasis can be treated with powerful Chinese herbs such as cnidium fruit and plantago leaf – these plants are effective in hindering Candida growth.

Finally, perhaps the most important part of a Chinese remedial approach is a change in diet. It will be highly advised that patients avoid foods that promote dampness. Food such as sugar, dairy products, alcohol, tofu and sweet fruits are high on the “Do Not Consume” list for candidiasis patients. Instead, patients should be consuming “drying foods” that include red beans, corn, dried ginger, garlic, pearl barley, pumpkin and scallions. It is also very important to eat warm and cooked foods and to avoid cold and raw foods because cold temperatures can slow chi circulation and weaken your body’s ability to stave off the candida infection.