Candida Treatment Reviews – My Opinion Only

There are so many Candida treatment programs out there, but I think most of the people are only doing it for the money, not because they actually want to help and treat people who suffer from the serious condition known as Candida. I do not really want to mention most programs because I do not want to give negative reviews to people as I am sure they worked hard and are trying to make it so that it is beneficial for everyone purchasing them. There are so many treatment programs, and some may work for you, while others may not as every person is different, so I think you need a program that is more customized.

The only program that I did find that is customized is by Dr. Eric Bakker, who is an ND from New Zealand. He has been featured as a Candida expert on National Geographic. Eric Bakker has a book called Candida Crusher that he spent the last 6 years writing. It’s dense and has everything you need to know about treating Candida, it is all information that he has picked up from treating thousands of patients for the past 25 years. If I had to recommend anything for treating Candida, it would 100% be this book.

It’s not really a regular book, he has samples, but it’s a book that is made to treat everyone from every possible situation. He doesn’t just look at it and give everyone the exact same menu and recipe, instead he thinks of the bigger picture. He has a free website at which has a lot of good information on treating Candida free information which is better than many of the things that you pay for.