Candida Treatment For Vegans

It surprised a lot of people that Vegan’s can suffer from Candida like everybody else, because many are under the impression that Vegan’s are so much healthier. The most important thing is to keep your body healthy, and avoid using antibiotics and eating lots of grains and sugars. There are so many things that can promote candida overgrowth and it is imperative that you eliminate the bad foods.

It can be difficult at times to eat filling foods especially if you have to forego grains and sugars, but there are plenty of alternatives that you can use. For one, Coconut flour can work wonders if you bake your own foods. Flax meal can also be substituted and will be very filling and healthy, as well as almond flour and arrowroot powder. There are so many alternative foods that can be made if you are Vegan and want to fight against Candida.

Another thing that Vegans must avoid is milk probiotics such as yogurt, and kefir. There are still plenty of alternatives, probiotics that are grown and raised from soil or other substances. Being Vegan is not really an excuse for not taking care of your candida overgrowth. This website had some good information on healthy foods for vegans It is not impossible to get rid of Candida overgrowth if you are vegan.