Candida Treatment for Babies

Realistically babies should not have Candida, especially since everything about them is completely monitored, from their diet to their living environment to their sleep habits. It is your job as a parent to make sure that the baby is completely healthy. Parents will often be sick because of the stress in life, moms will need to be on antibiotics at times, lack of sleep, etc. there are so many factors which can affect the parents health and expose their children to their ailments, which is really not the parents fault.

I believe the ideal way to handle a baby that has Candida is to ensure that they are taken care of properly, their clothing is loose and very breathable, their sheets are constantly changed, they are not too hot or too cold. Diapers need to be changed frequently to avoid getting diaper rash, a post by Eric Bakker on his blog talks about 10 tips to treat diaper rash. If you do that part, they will be much better off as well as taking care of your own body and what you feed. Besides Diaper Rash, babies can also get, WebMD has an interesting article on Thrush and what to do to help treat it

Ideally you want to feed your child breast milk, it is the perfect nutrition for your baby and provides absolutely everything that they need. The only potential flaw that breast milk has for the baby is they will get nutrition from the breast milk, so if the mother is not healthy it can be flawed breast milk. If she is on antibiotics, is sick, etc. you can expect problems with the breast milk. otherwise it is certainly the most ideal food. When a child can eat solids safely, then you can also slowly introduce foods and ensure that he is healthy.