Candida Treatment Doctors

The problem with dealing with Candida is many in the medical community is that they will often deny that someone is infected with Candida, and just treat them with an Advil for the headache, or just give them bloat medicine, or heart medicine, or whatever new prescription drug that the pharmaceutical companies tell them that they need. Instead they should look at the person as a whole and not just single symptoms. That is not to say that there are not good doctors, which I’m sure there are, but most that I’ve seen do not think about the potential for it to be a systemic condition.

If I do believe I have a Candida infection, I look for various different Naturopathic doctors, or ND’s. If they have a website, I will look around it, and see what they handle, but a website is not the end all be all of what they are capable of. Many doctors do not have websites, but they end up being great doctors. You just want to make sure that your Naturopath keeps up with the latest and greatest science, otherwise you may be disappointed.

Either way, I would also look for one who specializes in treatment of a specific disease. Just like if you were to get brain surgery, you would not get a general surgeon, but you want someone who is a qualified brain surgeon. Look for someone who is qualified with treating Candida, and if you can even call them up and ask to speak to them. Tell them you think you have Candida, and ask them how they will test you for it. Then from there you have to make your own decisions with how they react, and look through the various information on this website so you are armed with knowledge beforehand.

In my personal time looking at Candida, I have been lucky enough to find one amazing Doctor. Dr. Eric Bakker ND, who specializes in the treatment of Candida and has done so for about 25 years. You can speak to him directly on the curezone forums, and ask him any questions directly. There are few other known experts on the forum but based on my experience being a member of curezone for over 5 years. Eric Bakker knows his stuff inside out. Check it out yourself.