Candida Treatment and Weight Loss

It’s actually quite funny that many individuals who have Candida tend to be overweight, but once they begin treatment they start to lose weight. Many are actually surprised by the sudden change, but it’s actually very simple.

If you look at the diet of most people, it is quite bad. They drink tons of soda, fast and processed foods, and they are bound to gain weight. When you are treating yourself for Candida you must diet and with that comes the added benefit of feeling healthier overall, and losing weight. According to Diabetes Mine, a high-carb American diet is just not healthy

The types of foods that people who suffer from Candida eat to cure themselves are foods that are low in carbs, sugars, starches. With these types of foods, Candida can’t survive because it literally cannot eat, it will starve to death. Then what are you forced to eat instead? Healthy foods. You have to eat only healthy meats, and fresh fruits and vegetables. You should be packing your own healthy lunch.

Just by following a diet made for Candida treatment, many people will lose weight.