Candida Treatment and Diet

When you have Candida you will most likely need to go on a special diet to get rid of it. According to, it is ideal to starve the Candida The diet will be healthy and will have foods that starve the Candida as well as foods that actively fight the Candida.

The major foods to avoid would be Sugars. Sugar tends to feed the Candida, so make sure that you read the Candida description. So you need to avoid any processed foods that contain any sugar, and instead look for alternatives like Stevia and Xylitol. The two of them can fight sugar very well.

A lot of Candida sufferers tend to drink Alcohol, but that is one of the worst things you can do. Alcohol contains many sugars (although it doesn’t taste like it), and also stresses your organs. Avoid alcohol as best as you can until you manage to get it under control.

As crazy as it sounds you are also going to want to avoid sweet fruits and vegetables as the sugars can feed the Candida. Don’t worry though, we will add them back. For meats, I will ask you to only buy grass fed beef and organic chicken, all your fish should be wild, but limit it to twice a month because of mercury levels. There are other foods to avoid such as Soy, Mushrooms, Caffeine, and anything processed, but the list would be several pages long if I did that. Instead, I think it’s better to know what to eat.

All your food should be natural, nothing should be processed. I find that the Paleo diet actually works very well for Candida sufferers. I would recommend eating the non sweet fruits and vegetables, and slowly eating each of the sweet ones until you are sure you are not having adverse effects.

All the meats are fresh, fish is wild, vegetables are as fresh as can be, instead of glutinous grains, I will go for foods such as Quinoa and brown rice.

I make sure to use only cold pressed oils, and I only cook with Coconut oil. When I want a nice drink, I drink herbal teas.

This is only a rough guide on your Candida diet, there are plenty of other resources.