Candida Spit Test

When you go to a medical professional and fear you have Candida, there are tests that you can do to see if you have Candida. Some work better than others, but nothing is actually perfect. In fact, according to Dr. Eric Bakker, there are eight different ways you can test for candida at home, you can find 5 of his tests here and 3 others in his book Candida Crusher which I highly recommend. So with that said, I am going to show you a very simple, free and easy test to see if you have Candida. It is not 100% accurate, but no method really is. You have to combine it with your symptoms, how you feel, and come up with a fair assessment yourself. I wouldn’t rely on one single test myself, but instead I would do multiple tests. It can give you false positives or false negatives, but the accuracy is better than half.

When you wake up, before you do anything, you are to get a glass of water. It should be a clear glass of water, so you can see everything that is going to go on. After you do this, your next step is to bunch up saliva, and spit into the glass of water. After you do this step, set a timer for 15 minutes, and go about what you normally do. You can finally pee.

After 15 minutes, you will have to look at the cup of water. If you see it looks like you have little jellyfish, meaning the saliva have strings, or accumulation of cloudy saliva on the bottom of the glass, or saliva that somehow manages to suspend itself in the middle of the cup. They are all considered to be positive signs of Candida. The reason for that is the yeast accumulates and forms together, that is why there is accumulation, it forms in the weird patterns that it does.

Now no matter how you test, you should still be aware that no test is 100%. I would recommend doing the same test multiple times as well as others to get a better idea of if you have Candida or not.