Candida Rugosa Treatment

According to the NIH Candida Rugosa seems to be a fungus that appears more in some geographic regions such as Latin America. Candida Rugosa shows a high resistance to azole antifungals

There is no obvious cause of infections which makes it more annoying. Most people who get Candida have weakened immune systems, so the treatments such as amphotericin B causes patients to die.

Candida Rugosa is being seen in hospitals more and more, especially in Latin America, although one possible cause is that they are better able to identify it. What we do know is that it has a high resistance to antifungals, and although there are new ones being created every day, the Candida manages to ever evolve.

The thing with Candida Rugosa is, if you are sure you have it, you must have been diagnosed at the doctor. If what they gave you did not work, you must take care of your body and let it heal itself naturally. Fungus is like anything else, it needs food to survive. If you starve them, they will die. I recommend changing your diet, to one that the fungus just cannot feed on. It will starve it and cause it to die off.