Candida Retinitis Treatment

Anything that infects the eyes can be very scary and damaging, you can lose your sight. You have to always be careful with your eyes, as if they are damaged badly, it can be beyond treatment, and you could lose your sight.

Candida is one of the most typical fungal infections that happen with your eyes. You would not normally get infected, but it can happen after you receive trauma or surgery. According to the retinal physician, there are other factors which can lead you to being susceptible to an infection in your eyes, such as if you have bacterial sepsis, a weakened immune system, and intravenous drug usage

Because Candida Retinitis can cause some serious side effects such as eye loss, I cannot recommend home treatment methods for it. I cannot recommend putting eye drops in your eyes, or not going to a doctor and handling everything yourself. Instead I would suggest getting to an eye doctor as soon as possible. What I can recommend is doing everything you can to strengthen your body to fight off the disease from within, and your immune system will also be weak because of all of the system wide antifungals that they will be giving you to treat Candida.

There are many newer drugs which are created to combat the ever evolving fungus. The usual drugs are azole’s such as fluconazole, ketaconazole, voriconazole, poscaconazole, etc. There are issues with these though. It’s not like you can just apply a cream directly to your eyes, so your doctor will prescribe you a drug which may be intravenous just because of the nature of the Candida in your eyes.