Candida Psoriasis Treatment

So you have Psoriasis. When you go to the doctor there are usually three treatments that they give you, topical, or if it’s more severe light therapy, and if it’s really severe you get systemic medications for your Candida. Either way the treatments that you do to your skin are only made to mask the symptoms, and there is a huge side effect. It can either cause you to have Candida, or it could actually be Candida that is the cause of your Psoriasis, and it can get worse because of the drugs.

According to the NIH Psoriasis sufferers are more likely to have high amounts of Candida in their system This is not a fluke. There have been many people who have suffered from Psoriasis, that decided to treat themselves for Candida on a special diet which starves the Candida albicans, and they find that their Psoriasis went away as well. It could be that the Candida is what causes your Psoriasis, or the Candida could weaken your immune system so much the Psoriasis takes over.

So if you have Psoriasis and have had it for many years, it will not hurt you to go on a diet and work on treating your Candida. If you do that, your immune system will be healthier, and that alone should help fight your Psoriasis.