Candida Krusei Treatment

Candida Krusei is a budding yeast that is involved in the production of chocolate. Live yeasts are not found in chocolates, only used in the production. According to the University of Wisconsin, Candida Krusei very rarely causes human infections

The real problem then with people who get Candida Krusei infections are that it’s not just the infection that is the issue, but it’s moreso the fact that they got infected with Candida Krusei in the first place. Just like Candida loves to do, it attacks people whose immune systems are compromised in some way.

If you have a Candida Krusei infection, there are several antibiotics that your doctor can give or prescribe to you. There is a good chance it will work, but the real issue is getting rid of the Candida infection permanently. To do that, what I would do is watch my diet, watch my lifestyle.

Do everything that you can to be healthy. Eat the right foods, drink plenty of fluids, the right fluids. Avoid everything that you know that not only weakens the immune system, but allows Candida to grow in your body. Just look at fungus. If you take away it’s source of food, it will die. Just look at any fungus growing outside, put it in a dry environment, no water, no food, it is sure to die. There are foods which will keep you alive and healthy, but the fungus will starve. That is what you want to do to the Candida, strengthen your immune system so that it fights it, and at the same time starve it out and weaken it.

On the Candida you have on the outside of your body, you want to get rid of it by making sure the area where it is, is always dry. You can also mess around with different natural antifungals, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, colloidal silver, oil of oregano, etc. It is imperative that you take care of your infection, so do not give up. It may take time, but you will feel much, much better by being healthier.