Candida Kefyr Treatment

Kefir is a probiotic similar to yogurt ,and feeds on sugars to help it grow. Kefir has probiotics that are not found in yogurt. If you grow your own Kefir grains, you can grow it in several different substances (different types of Kefir), you can grow it in water, milk, or a variety of other substances such as coconut or almond milk. Kefir is however, typically grown in Milk or Water.

Kefir is special, in that the quantity of probiotics that it provides are very great. It’s also very easy to digest, and nutritious for everyone from babies to the elderly. Even people who do not handle lactose well have no problems when they drink Kefir because the grains absorb the lactose. According to webmd, Kefir may be a better alternative for someone with Lactose intolerance than yogurt. It also has a broader range of nutrients

Kefir is more popular than ever and can be found in most supermarkets due to the health benefits it provides. If you wish to grow it yourself expect it to take a little bit of work. The first thing you need to do is find someone who has Kefir grains. Ideally you want to pick it up from someone who lives local to you, not someone who will ship them. If you do get them from someone who ships them, you may have to throw away a few batches of Kefir to ensure that what you have is absolutely fresh.

The basic process for growing Milk Kefir is to get grains, put it in a glass jar with milk, cover it with a cheese cloth and put it away from sunlight in room temperature for about a day. When you do that, your kefir will be ready in about a day, or you can wait two, depending on the type of Kefir you like. You do not want to wait much longer as the Kefir grains will die. You cannot use any plastic or metals around the Kefir. The only time my Kefir is ever exposed to metal is if I put it in the blender, and that is only for short periods of time when I want to mix it with fruit. You must also avoid tap water.

There are many possibilities that you have with Kefir. You only need to start with a little bit, and it will quickly multiply to such huge quantities you won’t be able to keep track of it. When you do, you can eat the grains as well, or keep making more batches.