Candida Endophthalmitis Treatment

Endophthalmitis is a serious condition, it is an inflammation of the internal coats of the eye. It can cause loss of vision or even the eye itself, and must be taken seriously. There are many causes of Endophthalmitis, and one cause can be Candida. According to the NIH treatments for Candida Endophthalmitis have not been designed very well. The trials that they did were not well designed or well powered.

You would need an eye exam to determine if it is Candida or some other cause, and it is best to go to a doctor for this. It is recommended you go as soon as possible, and do not delay as you want it diagnosed. I cannot give you a home treatment that I would try except to do everything that you can properly.

This means that you must eat the right foods, avoid the wrong foods, and live the right diet. Go on all the probiotics that you can. Get the proper exercise you need and clear all the Candida that you can from your body. To be honest, the best cure for Candida is prevention, and with something as serious as your eyes, you should try to get the problem fixed before it starts.