Candida Die-Off Symptoms

The symptoms from Candida-Die Off will vary from person to person, you may get no symptoms which is ideal, or you may end up bedridden with what appears to be a terrible flu. The reason for the die-off symptoms or Herxheimer effect is because when the yeast is dies off, it releases different toxins within your body. You can find out more about how the Herxheimer reaction

One common misconception that people have is that if you are getting die-off symptoms, you are healing and it is good for you. It really isn’t necessarily good or bad, it does mean that the yeast is dying, but it does not mean that new yeast is not being created within your body. One thing to note though is, if you do have a Candida overgrowth issue, having some sort of Die-Off effect is almost always expected.

Some common Die-Off reactions that you might get are:

Headache, Fever
Swollen Glands
Bloating, Gas, Constipation, or even Diarrhea
Joint Soreness & Muscle Pain
Elevated Heart Rate
Chills, Cold hands and feet
Body Itch
Skin Breakouts
Brain Fog
Vaginal, Prostate and Sinus Infections

These are not all the symptoms, but pretty much anywhere that you can feel pain or sore or tired, or weak you can get feel. There are no definites, as Candida affects everyone differently. Depending on how bad your symptoms are, and what you are doing to get rid of your Candida, you may want to lower the intensity of your Candida regime. Look through this website for information on how to deal with Candida Die Off and how to heal your body naturally.