Candida Die Off Remedy

One of the things that make it hardest for people to stick with the Candida diet is the die-off (Herxheimer reaction) effect. Many people are able to deal with the Candida diet, until the die off symptoms come in, and it just becomes absolutely unbearable. The reaction is completely unexpected, and if you just think about it, you should be feeling better, but are feeling absolutely terrible.

This paper shows that the Candida Die Off can cause some serious side effects. You may feel like you have the flu. You will start being nauseous, have a headache, weakness, dizziness, swollen glands fatigue, sweating, fever, skin breakouts, etc.

There are so many possible symptoms that you can have from Candida die off your first inclination would be to stop doing any Candida diet, and it would be completely logical. I know many people who have stopped what they should be doing, because it just seemed to be the right thing to do. When you switch to healthy foods, you should feel better, not worse.

There is actually a reason for this, and you should stick through with it until the end. Sometimes what is the most difficult thing is the best. The reason for the die-off is because the Candida yeast actually release toxins in your body when it dies. You see, the Candida doesn’t want to die, it wants to live, and is doing everything it can to survive, including getting you to continue your bad habits. So if you have a bad Candida infection, you can expect to have some sort of reaction, and there are things you can do to lessen it.

What I would do is, everything that you are currently doing, but cut back as well. If you’re on fungal medications, reduce it, reduce your probiotic intake. You just want the die off effect to calm down so you can continue your Candida regime. If you can push through it, then do it, but if you can’t, there’s no shame in taking it a bit slower.