Candida Constipation Remedy

There are many different reasons for Constipation, and it doesn’t all have to do with not having enough fiber. There are many illnesses, but Candida overgrowth can also be a cause of constipation. To be honest, everything you do for Candida constipation is only done to relieve yourself as nobody wants to suffer with constipation. You can’t get rid of it permanently unless you cure the Candida itself. You just want to temporarily get rid of the symptoms so you don’t have to suffer, it’s like taking pain killers.

If you are really badly constipated, you can get an enema or a colonic. Realistically you can’t keep doing that, otherwise you are sure to have other health problems. It will provide temporary relief and you won’t have to go through pain.

Some things you can do to help get your bowels moving normally again would be to make sure you take a lot of probiotics. You can also consume coconut oil (depending on body weight). I find that really helps get the bowels started again.

Now I would also suggest doing a parasite cleanse, as often times people with bad constipation have parasites. If you don’t want to do a parasite cleanse, you can do a colon cleanse (which I recommend anyway). You can do both at the same time depending on the program you choose, or you can do your own colon cleanse using Psyllium, Psyllium & Bentonite, or a variety of other methods. The entire object is to make sure you are clean and having regular bowel movements.

One thing to be wary about with Candida is the die off effect. Whatever symptoms you have could become worse while the Candida is dying off, so just know that. Also, don’t just relieve the symptoms, work on getting rid of the Candida itself, otherwise you will have these issues for the rest of your life.