Candida Cleanse Home Remedy

I really believe the best way to get rid of Candida is by using home remedies. By home remedy, I mean you do not have to buy one person’s specific pills or medications, instead you will have to figure out what your exact problem is, and work towards an optimal solution. If you’re looking at this web page, you’re most likely willing to put in a little work, and look for what works best, not just what works.

Since we’re talking about a cleanse, we need to know what to avoid for Candida. As a home remedy, we should try to avoid anything that will feed the Candida, and we see that according to ehow, the first thing we should take care of is the diet

I believe the main foods that should be avoided are sugars, alcohol, grains, nuts, beans, preservatives, oils. Temporarily avoid some fruits & vegetables as well as meats.

If you avoid all of these foods, what could you possibly eat is what a lot of you are saying? No sugars, no fruits, no vegetables, meats, grains, etc? There is no food left, and what is what it seems like for the Candida sufferer, but this is all temporary.

When you’re changing your diet for Candida, you will end up cooking at home a lot, and even packing your lunch. Luckily you will soon realize this will save you money as well as make you healthier.

You want to avoid all sugars, and use a replacement with Stevia or Xylitol. You require much less, they are less harmful and do not feed the yeast in your body. You are going to want to avoid grains for a while. Avoiding preservatives shouldn’t be difficult because you are making all of your own foods.

Now, fruits and vegetables shouldn’t necessarily be avoided, except you should reintroduce them slowly one at a time and see how it effects your body. There are a lot of sugars, and your body might not handle them all well. Fruits are naturally so sweet.

With all meats, make sure you get grass fed organic. Look for something that isn’t’ filled with antibiotics and pesticides, but instead buy the highest quality meats you can afford. If you want to eat fish, eat wild caught. Do not eat farm raised salmon, but instead look for wild Salmon.

If you just eliminate a lot of foods, and eat right, your Candida will improve on its own. Of course this is only the first step in the diet, you will have to read the other posts about getting the right foods in your body as well as probiotics.