Boric Acid Candida Treatment

Boric Acid, the name acid sure sounds scary especially when you’re using it on your body. It is actually surprisingly safe method of treating Candida, especially compared to many other methods, and quite effective. According to Tao of Herbs, it is effective in about 98% of patients who don’t react to traditional antifungals.

Many women have successfully used Boric Acid successfully on yeast infections. They sell Boric Acid suppositories, which can supposedly provide relief in as short as 24 hours. It will take approximately five to ten days to clear completely.

The suppositories are mainly used to provide a local action, althoough they can get absorbed into the blood stream. The Boric Acid suppositories are supposed to be inserted vaginally , and used morning and evening. It is made with vegetable oil which will dissolve with your body temperature.

Another way to use Boric Acid is to use it to treat Athlete’s foot. You can dab Boric Acid around your Athlete’s foot, or put it in your socks. This will fight the Candida infection, and keep your feet dry at the same time.

As with anything you are using on your body, be aware of the potential side effects. Do not use while you are pregnant, and look at the risks before you use it.