Black Walnut Candida Treatment

If you were looking for a natural anti-fungal that could work as well as many commercial anti-fungals Black Walnut is definitely one of them, at least according to the University of Mississippi.

It is used in many natural anti Candida solutions, mainly because of its efficacy. Its known to work against, parasites, yeast, help relieve high blood pressure, sore throats and asthma.

I personally take Black walnut as an extract. Getting the Hull and doing it yourself is  too much work. The extract seems to be just as good, it is usually in an alcohol solution, but the amount you take is so minimal it should not cause you harm.

There is a bit of caution to taking black walnut. If you have a weak liver or kidney, you should be careful, as it could cause further damage, especially if your organs are weak. Be careful with it, and make sure not to over use it, as it’s not really meant to be a cure all but rather an aid.