Best Probiotics for Candida Treatment

We have all probably heard of the term probiotics, some of us even take it, not really knowing the benefit it has, except that it’s supposed We all know that probiotics are good for you, and especially help curb the yeast in your gut. It’s supposed to be one of the quickest ways of getting good bacteria in your system, they are made to plant in your gut and recolonize the bacteria that are destroyed, and repair the damaged gut. Using probiotics should also help your digestion, and intestinal health as well as fight Candida infections.

You are probably looking to get some probiotics as soon as possible, after all what it promises is quite amazing. Well with all things there are some things that you have to watch out for. One problem with probiotics is that many times the one that you order has NO LIVE ACTIVE CULTURES. That’s right, you aren’t getting what you paid for at all, you are getting dead probiotics. So you might order one thinking you are getting 50 billion live cultures, but in reality you get nothing.

When you buy a probiotic, look for something that has live and active cultures. Look for something that is as raw as possible, and contains no yeast. It would be quite ironic if you buy a probiotic to help with your Candida if it contains yeast. There are many probiotics at your local health food store that have to be refrigerated, and I personally prefer those. The ones that come to your store in a refrigerated store, and can be refrigerated in your house as well.

Another option for probiotics are creating them yourself. There are many options, and I do believe it’s better than commercial options. It’s more work, but you can make your own Kefir, Yogurt, Kombucha, etc. I believe they provide better quality probiotics than anything that you can buy.

With all that said, I do not believe that probiotics are the cure all for you. They work temporarily, but as soon as you stop taking it, it loses effect. According to the Probiotic Therapy Rsearch Center,, oral probiotics that are commercially available can properly implant themselves in your gut. They do have a way to implant human probiotics, but I do believe the absolute best way is to take care of your body, and let your gut heal. The bacteria do seem to replenish themselves given time.