Best Candida Jock Itch Treatment

Jock Itch (Tinea Cruris) is something that has plagued me for years. It was an on and off battle, trying to hide it from everyone, ruining my sex life, and just stressed me out in general. I would get rid of it, and it would come back, again and again. It just took longer to get rid of each time, and I had no clue what the heck was the problem.

So what you’ve probably first tried is embarrassingly going to the pharmacy, and buying antifungal creams. Or maybe you went and bought some tea tree oil. Either way you haven’t had the results you wanted. You probably experienced extreme burning when you used the antifungals, and heard that it’s okay, it’s just doing its job.

So there must be an underlying reason that the Jock Itch cream just isn’t working properly. It is because you most likely have Candida overgrowth in your system. It isn’t an external condition, it is your internal condition that is so overloaded it manifests itself on the outside of your body. Healing naturally by bee believes that when you have an exterior fungal infection, you have Candida overgrowth on other areas of your body, including your intestines. You may have a weakened immune system, Diabetes, Heart Disease, or some other condition.

So our problem isn’t just getting rid of Jock Itch, but it’s to cure the Candida in your body. That will be a long process, so what you want to do is get rid of the Jock Itch as naturally as you can. So these are some tips that I will give you to help on top of what you are doing:

  • Always keep the area as dry as possible. After you shower, use a hair dryer on low heat to thoroughly dry your private areas. After you apply apple anti-fungals, let it dry completely, and then use baby powder (non corn starch, talc powder only) on your private areas. Use only a little bit, you do not want it crusty. Females need to be careful if they use talc powder.
  • Wear loose fitting boxers, 100% cotton or another breathable material like bamboo. If it ever gets damp, change it immediately. In fact, try to keep all your clothes as natural fibers, avoid synthetic materials (although that is hard in the winter).
  • Try to sleep with as few clothes as possible, but you must change your sheets daily if you sleep in the nude. It would be terrible to do all of this and keep reinfecting yourself.
  • Apply some sort of cream several times a day. I use one with coconut oil, and it can be mixed with something else, such as a few drops of tea tree oil, oil of oregano, etc. I
  • Go to your health food store and buy the best probiotics you can buy. Take it in loads. Use Greek yogurt and kefir as well. You want as much probiotics in your body as you can possibly have.

A final word that I have is, you can do everything you want externally, but the Jock Itch will keep coming back. You have to take care of the Candida on the inside of your body, and you will never have outbreaks.