I frequently get questions from people asking about my story with Candida. How it has changed my life, or how I got over it. You’ll be surprised, but my story isn’t much different than yours might be, or other people who are severely afflicted by Candida. It’s that easily recognized by most MD’s, and it is a shame that millions of people have to suffer through it without knowing what it is.

I always tried to be a somewhat healthy individual. I would go to the gym at least twice a week, and ran on my free time. I tried to eat pretty decent, didn’t follow any specific diet, but thought I ate fairly well.

It didn’t hit me all of a sudden, but it hit me. I was super sick with Bronchitis, and tried to wait it out, but didn’t get better. I finally went to the doctor and received anti-biotics. Luckily it worked, as my Bronchitis was bacterial, and not viral. I was on the road to recovery… or so I thought.

A week goes by, and I’m not coughing, but my body just doesn’t feel good. I feel slow and lethargic. I’m moody and annoying all the people around me, but there are no symptoms that anybody can see. I got ringworm, and thought it was a mosquito bite! In the WINTER. I just ignored it, and it wouldn’t go away. In fact, it got bigger.

I decided to see a doctor, and he said it was ring worm. I get rid of ring worm, and a little time goes by in the summer. I have this itch, and the spot that it was in is quite embarrassing. I didn’t think it was Jock itch as there was no marks or anything, just a bad itch. It got to the point where I started seeing red rashes, and KNEW something was wrong. I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor, and just used the same cream I had for my ring worm. Luckily, it worked.

Then 2 weeks later, I had the itch again. It was ridiculous, I get rid of it, but it just kept coming back. I was livid, freaking out, annoyed, and upset. I did everything I was supposed to do, but why did I keep getting Jock Itch. It just made absolutely no sense to me.

I finally sucked it up, and went to the doctor, instead all he did was get me something stronger. I got rid of it, but it’s not like it went away permanently as all of us Candida sufferers know, it’s only ONE symptom that Candida can show.

I knew that something was wrong, so I went online and browsed the web, and decided to take things into my own hands. I could do a better job on my own, all I wanted was for my symptoms to go away permanently, and a doctor couldn’t even do that.

It turns out, the symptom that I suffered isn’t something that just goes away. Instead I needed to clean out my entire body, I needed to change my entire lifestyle. Since then, I changed the way I lived. I didn’t just look for a quick cure for my Jock Itch, but knew that I had Candida. I followed a strict diet for about 2 months, and changed the way I lived.

I’ve suffered from Candida, and the only help I received was from the Internet. Turns out the most valuable information you can get isn’t from paying a lot, but from people who truly care. Everything that I found has changed my life dramatically, and I created this site so that I can share it without you having to look at 100 different websites and put it all together yourself.